Hairdressers and Their Impact

Every hairdresser leaves an impact.

Not just by making you look and feel beautiful or stylish, but on a much deeper level. Once you both have agreed to this client-hairdresser relationship. There is a bond between a client and hair dresser.

As a hairdresser, clients facial structure, hair and body type are kept in mind to give that client a look that brings them confidence and self love.

On a more intimate level, a hairdresser gets to know their clients lifestyle, traditions and families. Many times, becoming family themselves.

It's a wonderful connection between a hair stylist and client.

This doesn't mean you hangout and are apart of their day to day life, but once they sit down in your chair, you pick right where you left off. Whether that be in 2 weeks or 8.

We are blessed to have such wonderful clientele and I know they feel the same way about their hairdresser.